2015-03-23 03:30:55 by TheBehemoth

Songs up!

After a hiatus...

2013-10-29 00:56:07 by TheBehemoth

I posted some of my musics to the audio portal after being inactive since 2007.

Go me.

I have unusual tastes.

2007-11-04 23:37:27 by TheBehemoth

I can listen to Kalmah, Behemoth, Decrepit Birth, and Decapitated, then go straight to Eminem and Lil' Wayne, then totally change course to the Beatles, Rage Against the Machine and Led Zeppelin, to Bob Marley, 311, and Sublime.

I can wear RocaWear and Volcom, at the same time.

I can bring wiggers and skaters togther.

I like blood and gore, then I can tear up for happy endings.

I can do exceptional in school, then skip until I fail from attendance.

I write graffiti, but don't like drawing.

You tell me, am I a little strange?

Sleep Now in the Fire.

2007-11-03 14:22:13 by TheBehemoth

Smoke blunts!

Sleep Now in the Fire.

The Reeeeeeeeefaaa.

2007-09-14 14:47:11 by TheBehemoth

Who's got it?
Who's got the herb?

The Reeeeeeeeefaaa.

So, school sucks.

2007-09-04 20:10:28 by TheBehemoth

It deserves an angry face.

School should go no farther than teaching the basics of math, history, science, and English. Only if the student wants to receive further education should he or she be able to. Students shouldn't HAVE to learn algebra or biology, it just doesn't seem fair.

What if all someone's life they have trained to be a scientist. Years of home schooling and such, I don't know. Then they get to high school and have to learn AND pass history, but they fucking suck at it. After they get held back the second time for not being able to pass history, they drop out, pick up a crack pipe and become crackheads. What the fuck happened. They deserve better than that. STUDENTS deserve better than that.

All I'm saying is give us a damn chance. I mean fuck, LEARNING 4a+(32y) is NOT the end of the world.


: 8========D

The Word of the Day is...

2007-08-26 13:04:02 by TheBehemoth

Birthday! SIXTEEN.

: remember, age is nothing but a number. it's all about how you act.

The Word of the Day is...